Are you looking for a fun activity to do outdoors with friends or family while social distancing?  Have you ever heard of ‘geocaching?’  

Geocaching is a popular outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS (Global Positioning System)-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

It’s not as complex as it sounds; it is actually a fun and educational outing for EVERYONE. 

Geocaching is done all over the world; there are millions of geocaches in over 190 countries, and Washington & Beaufort County have many of these fun to find treasures. These finds can be fairly easy to extremely difficult to find. 

Geocaches, or ‘caches’ as participants call them, are cleverly hidden weatherproof containers typically located outdoors in areas accessible to the public. They can be various sizes and types of containers, hiding spots, and difficulty.

Area geocache enthusiast Christopher Phillips claims “Washington and Beaufort County have some of the most fun geocaches. The county has somewhere between 50-100 at any given time. I am enjoying still finding them all.”

Most caches have a logbook to sign and date. 

Bigger ones will contain ‘swag’ or small trinkets for trading. You can ‘take something and leave something’ for others. 

Geocaching is fun for visitors to an area or locals who just want to explore their hometown.  A geocache app can be downloaded and used to find coordinates for discovery.  

“All the caches in Beaufort County are family-friendly,” says local resident Gary Ceres.  “Just make sure you dress appropriately. The geocache website and the app tell you about the terrain. Some may be in tall grass or in the woods, but the Washington area has caches in very unique and some of the most significant spots here.”

The geocache website and app have information about where it is, how to find it, how long the walk or hike is, how difficult the terrain is, and who the hunt is best suited for.

So whether you’re just visiting with friends, a local looking for something fun to do while social distancing, want an exciting outdoor activity with the family, or just looking for a really different experience in the great outdoors, Washington steps it up with enjoyable recreation in geocaching. 

Ready..set..GO FIND FUN!!

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