I love seafood.  I always have.  My granddaddy, ‘Doc” Carawan, drove a seafood truck for a living.  As a result, EVERY meal at my grandparents’ house had seafood.  Yeah, at Thanksgiving and Christmas we had turkey and ham.  But we also had a platter of fried shrimp and flounder on the table.  (I guess that’s why Granny’s front yard was covered in oyster shells.  But I digress.)

I pretty much love it all.  Fish, shrimp, scallops, crab, you name it.  My mama swears up and down that my granny was feeding me little pieces of fish when I was just little bitty thing, and that’s where that love of seafood comes from. 

Washington has no shortage of delicious seafood dishes to please any palate.  The Bank Bistro has its succulent saffron seafood bouillabaisse and the luscious lobster and crab pappardelle.  For lunch today I had the fried herring and she-crab soup at Washington Crab & Seafood Shack.  It was fried medium (just right amount of crispiness), and the soup was out of this world. 

For a more upscale seafood dining experience, The Hackney offers a perfectly prepared seared NC yellow fin tuna served with locally grown carrots, torched malt crisp, egg & olive oil emulsion, and sesame seeds.  Or, (after having a cocktail made with gin from their in-house distillery), try the Tip Topsail Scallops: scallops and boquerones with cider and buttermilk dressing. 

I love seafood AND I love tacos, so naturally one of my favorite dishes at Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar & Grill is their blackened Mahi tacos.  Served with black beans and rice, fresh pico de gallo, and I always ask for some jalapenos on the side.  Sometimes it’s just nice to sit on the patio and enjoy a rum runner or beer, smell the lovely brine of the Pamlico, and order the fried conch fritters.  YUMMY!

No blog entry about seafood in Washington would be complete with mentioning the Down on Main Thursday special.  Thursday is known in Washington as ‘Shrimp Day.’  On Thursdays at Down on Main you can score a fried shrimp plate with 2 sides and a tea for a little over seven bucks.  But go early..when the shrimp are gone, they’re gone.  And they go…quickly.  🍤

Don’t even get me started on their shrimp and fried cheese grits.  So good makes me wanna slap my mama.  (JK, Mom. 😁)

There are other joints in Washington that know how to do seafood right, too.  I was chatting with Ms. Betty at Stewart’s Jewelry Store one day, and someone brought her some take out for lunch.  When she opened the box, my eyes popped out of my head. (Not literally.)  It was one of the most BEAUTIFUL pieces of fried flounder that I have ever seen.  “Where did that come from?” I asked.  “King Chicken,” she said.  I will be headed there very soon.

So if you are a seafood lover, Washington is THE place to dine.🍽

Where do YOU find the best seafood in Washington?