My dad was a small business owner.  He had a radio station in Washington and later a syndicated beach music show, with his studio in town. I even worked for him a few years after college, selling ads, writing copy, and bookkeeping. So I know the value of a small business to the local economy.These are trying times we are living in right now, but there are things we can do to help and give back to this town and county that we all so dearly love.

Just as this pandemic has spread, we have the ability to spread something even bigger, faster, and more powerful:  community spirit. It is a perfect time for Washington and Beaufort County to step up and show an outpouring of support for our local businesses.

These small business owners are a lifeline in our local economy; they are our colleagues and friends, and yes, our local family. These are folks who have weathered economic downturns, hurricanes, floods and more. These are also the people that have helped us make life brighter when we’re down. They have rejoiced with us when our children graduated, got married, asked about our families when we walk through their doors. They pay taxes that enable us to have something wonderful to share with our loved ones, like our waterfront, boardwalk and area parks.  They have celebrated our triumphs and fed us during sorrow. They have given freely of time, donations, and space for things like blood drives, Toys for Tots, Bright Futures, and countless other organizations that help our community. 

Our locally owned businesses need our help. Call them, tell them you support them, SPEND WITH THEM. Many of these businesses are doing business online, on social media, and by appointment. Some will ship or deliver to you; some will bring your purchases or food directly to your car. We all need to support these merchants and restaurants during this critical time. Our local business owners are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses, and friends. With many holidays on the horizon such as Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, and Father’s Day, we have an opportunity, a responsibility to buy local, even while social distancing and staying safe. 

Below is a link to the WBBC Chamber of Commerce site list of businesses that are still open, available online, via social media, have curbside and delivery, and/or will meet you at their business by appointment. Please be safe, judicious, and well. And please CONTINUE TO SUPPORT, SHOP, and BUY LOCALLY!!

“A single arrow is easily broken; a bundle of ten is not.”                                       -Unknown