We can all agree that the weekend is everyone’s favorite. As we carry on “adulting” throughout the week, we can build up a lot of stress and, in some cases, severely sore feet. Many people have found their release in Sunday Funday, a day dedicated to satisfying the individual. Sunday Funday doesn’t look the same for everyone. Some people just want to get out and play, while others want to escape and relax. Whether you want a Sunday of adventure or of leisure, Washington, NC offers both in a fun and refreshing way.

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Sky Dive Little Washington

For the adventure seekers out there, find your fun on the Pamlico River. Head to Havens Gardens and book an excursion with Inner Banks Outfitters. They offer kayak, paddleboard, and bike rentals. Travel down the river or alongside it by bike at the Sunday Morning Road Bike Ride, a 20-30 mile tour. If you’re venturing on the river, Castle Island and Grandpap Island are beautiful destinations to explore. Once you return your rental, stop by Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar next door for a bite and a brew. If these adventures don’t seem crazy enough for you, sign up for the thrill of lifetime at a jump session with Skydive Little Washington and dive out of an airplane from an 11,000-foot elevation.

It’s Tea Time at the Hackney!

For those in search of a more leisurely Sunday, downtown Washington has many opportunities for you. After a long week of adulting, you could probably use a drink. Luckily there is something for everyone’s style, $10 bottomless mimosas at The Wine Crate, Sunday Roast and afternoon tea at The Hackney, or brunch and bloody marys at The Bank Bistro. All of these options are available every Sunday. The Wine Crate also offers craft-making classes monthly on Sundays like “paint your own dog bowl.” Schedule a Sunday appointment at Renew Massage Therapy & Wellness, and let them take care of your sore feet and other massage needs. Find Broadway on the Big Screen at the Turnage Theatre every other Sunday and enjoy a classic Broadway musical. Afterwards, pop into Little Shoppes for some Sunday shopping.

Sunday’s on the Water = Perfect Day

Maybe your Sunday Funday isn’t about satisfying the individual, but it is a day to get the gang together and enjoy it all, play and relaxation. Well, Goose Creek State Park is the move that everyone will be happy to make. With eight miles of trails, visitors can discover coastal experiences like live oaks draped in Spanish moss, wetlands and a cypress swamp. Detailed exhibits are located at the visitor and environmental education center if you’d like to learn about the park. Getting into or onto the waters is easy at a sandy swim beach, a boat ramp, or a paddling launch. The sandy swim beach is the perfect place to set up a chair and cooler for the day. There is also a small tent campground if you’d like to stay overnight.

You can find this deliciousness for brunch at the Bank Bistro

So how about it? There is something for everyone in Washington, even on Sundays. Once you live up your Sunday Funday here in Washington, going back to your “adulting” lifestyle won’t be so hard because you’ll leave feeling like you never grew up.

Written by Gabrielle Whitlock