Over the last few weeks several of my son’s teachers have called, texted, and messaged to check on him. And me. I understand that most if not all of the teachers in Beaufort County have been doing this with all their students and their families.  I cannot even imagine what they are dealing with. On top of all those calls and messages, teachers are scrambling to post assignments on Google blackboard and find out which students may not have WiFi or technology and how to get assignments to those kids. 

These teachers are having to be very inventive with their teaching methods. This pandemic climate that we are living in is unlike anything we have ever dealt with before. Our children in this community are so very precious and vital to the future of Beaufort County, North Carolina, our nation, and yes, the world. They could so easily get overwhelmed and very frightened at what is going on now. Indeed, any one of us could. These teachers are not only posting assignments; they are posting inspiration, coping and health tips, site links for puzzles and word games, funny jokes, articles from the local paper for high schoolers, relaxing videos, and sentiments that they miss their students and want to make sure everyone is ok. 

My point is that our teachers in Beaufort County not only care; they are deeply invested in our youth. 

With the stress and strain of everything going on, I actually fell apart while on the phone with my son’s science teacher the other day. She was so kind. She listened and then assured me of what I knew inside. That we will get through this, all of us together, and we will be better and stronger on the other side. 

Thank you to our teachers, school officials and staff for imparting wisdom to our children, compassion to parents, and striving to make Beaufort County..and the world, a better place.