This has been a time of contemplation and reflection. Not just community-wise, health-wise, and business-wise, but also personally. We are all going through something in our lives at any given time. This whole virus situation just makes it all more complicated. BUT..I believe in the Washington and Beaufort County community. One of our biggest strong suits is our PEOPLE. I’ve worked in tourism in Washington for over 11 years, and I have heard it time and time again. “Everyone is so friendly and helpful here.”  Visitors come here because of the water, the attractions, the events. But they KEEP coming back because of the PEOPLE. We are our own best asset. Once we get through this tough situation, Washington will not only survive; We WILL thrive again. We will be better, stronger, and even more appreciative of what and who we are. We will be more cognizant of what we have to share with others. 

Let’s stay well, safe, and strong. We ARE Washington and BOCO strong. 

I have already seen an outpouring of support, citizenship and hope among our community, even while social distancing. 

We will get through this TOGETHER. 

Until the next blog entry, be well and keep the hope alive in Washington. 

As my late husband, Ashley Stephenson, used to say, “We’re not done yet. We have A LOT of good to do yet in this wonderful community.”